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Predictions 2018: How DevOps, AI Will Impact Security

Enterprises are beginning to realize that cloud, artificial intelligence and DevOps are not a threat to security, but are in fact the best way to reduce risk. DevSecOps will become a hot new "thing."
Daily Tech Briefing Dec. 14, 2017

Insufficient Salaries, Training Causing IT Pros to Seek New Jobs VIDEO

DAILY VIDEO: IT pros are ready to switch jobs in search of pay increases and training; Intel rolls out new Pentium and Celeron chips for low-cost PCs; Skype for Windows 10 gains a shared content gallery and a notification panel; and there's more.

'Rapid Speed' of Disruptive Innovation Leads Top 10 Risks for 2018 SLIDESHOW

Tech-related trends and developments dominate a "top 10" list of major business risks for 2018.

Micro Focus Tackles Compliance Requirements for GDPR, MiFID II

With Digital Safe 10, users can refine their information-archiving tasks to solve the complexities of compliance for various jurisdictions.

Predictions 2018: How Data Management Will Be Evolving

A good data management system is only as good as its ability to store, retrieve and produce files quickly and efficiently in order to get a task or workload completed in a timely fashion. We'll see more choices in 2018.
IT Job Search Survey

IT Pros Ready to Switch Jobs in Search of Pay Increases, Training

One in three IT professionals expect to look for a new job in the next 12 months, mainly seeking more pay, but also looking for more training, according to a Spiceworks survey.

Why the Role of Chief Data Officer Is Gaining Influence in Enterprises SLIDESHOW

A Gartner research report finds that the role of the corporate chief data officer is gaining in importance and influence in enterprises that recognize the value of data analytics to drive growth in revenue and profits.

Citrix Study Finds Workforce Flexibility Boosts Productivity, Morale SLIDESHOW

A study of 1,300 U.S. business employees sponsored by cloud connectivity company Citrix found that companies that give employees some flexibility on where and when they works improves morale and productivity.

Predictions 2018: Digital Transformation Ready to Hit Its Stride

DT may be a cliche, but there's no getting around the fact that the term is very relevant. Enterprises are indeed rethinking and re-tooling their IT systems, because they have to do so.

CA Technologies Study Finds Enterprises Unprepared for Emerging Tech SLIDESHOW

Software developers feel under-prepared as they pursue emerging tech, in large part due to a lack of necessary training and tools.

Predictions 2018: Will the IoT Become a 'Disruption of Things'?

A new threat may emerge in 2018: The disruption of things. As the IoT offers access to both disruptive possibilities and massive amounts of critical data, we will see attacks in this area, and may also see the integration of a new man-in-the-middle (MITM) attack.

IT Science Case Study: How Deutsche Börse Tamed Data Prep Costs

German company gets help for data ingestion, cleansing and preparation to allow its data science team to more efficiently spend its time on generating insights and analytics rather than formatting tables.

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