Andreas Pfeiffer

Adobe-Macromedia Merger Shouldnt Alter Landscape

Over the past weeks, I have heard many questions about the impending mergerof Adobe and Macromedia, and the most frequent one is, "What does this mean for the publishing...

Why Features Dont Matter Any More

As Apples iPod shows, success in technology today has less and less to do with features, and more and more to do with ease of use. The iPod was...

Small-Screen Video Demands a New Creative Language

Weblogs, Podcasts and video blogs have one thing in common, and that commonality explains their phenomenal success: They allow the creative individual to express him or herself with minimal...

Video iPod Will Capitalize on TV Video Sales

True revolutions start at the fringe, not at the center. Steve Jobs already showed that he understood this concept when he made the original iPod a cool way of...

Apple Moves Toward Lifestyle Computing

Before getting down to the more interesting stuff, lets get one thing out of the way: In my humble opinion, Apples move to Intel processorsseems quite coherent from a...

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