Carol Wilson

Carol Wilson, prior to joining The Net Economy, served as Executive Editor of Interactive Week where she reported major issues and events in the telecommunications and other interactive fields, in addition to handling special projects and online communication coverage. Carol was part of the founding editorial team of Interactive Week. Prior to joining Interactive Week, she was Editor of Telephony magazine, a weekly trade publication for the telephone industry. Carol served as Editor for six years, following three years as Telephony's news editor. Carol has also served as Editorial Director at Magna Publications, focusing on newsletters for higher education. She began her journalism career at the High Point Enterprise, where she initially was a sportswriter and later covered business news and politics. Carol holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Journalism from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Hosting Services

In a close vote divided among three web hosters, Telenisus was the top pick.Under the leadership of CEO Gordon Reichard Jr., Telenisus developed what it calls the Built for...

Perchance to Dream

I dont remember the year, but I do remember the speech.It was sometime around 1989, or 1990, or even 1991, and the speaker was a man named Richard Snelling,...

Looking for Money in the Metro

Who says competition is dead and new competitors extinct?Certainly not Looking Glass Networks, which today announced that it has turned up new networks in nine metropolitan areas with the...

Building Better Bundles

Service bundling has gotten a bad rap as a competitive strategy.AT&T backed off its major initiatives to integrate voice, data and video services into a single package, even though...

Backbone Service Provider

If there was an overwhelming choice within any category, it was Broadwing, best known for its national optical fiber backbone. Billed as the nations first intelligent, all-optical network, the...

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