James Tauber

James Tauber is Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer at mValent, Inc. James has more than a decade of experience driving Web technologies and standards in both commercial and academic environments. He was one of the original invited experts who helped develop the XML standard in 1996. He is also a well-known open source developer. Prior to co-founding mValent, James was Director of XML Technology at Web Services pioneer Bowstreet, where he was responsible for technical evangelism, standards and advanced technology. He served as Bowstreet's representative to the W3C and OASIS, where he served on numerous working groups and technical committees, and was chair of the OASIS Directory Services Markup Language TC. James holds a Bachelor of Science in Linguistics from the University of Western Australia. He is currently pursuing a PhD. He can be reached at jtauber@mvalent.com.

How to Better Manage Your Application Infrastructure

/images/stories/70x50/bug_knowledgecenter_70x70_%282%29.jpgRecently, mValent conducted a survey of Fortune 1000 IT professionals to help understand issues and challenges associated with managing the complex, multilevel application infrastructure that supports mission-critical business applications...

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