Kathy Yakal

Microsoft Money Premium 2007

After more than a decade of impressive development on its Money personal finance manager, Microsoft apparently decided to take a breather this year: Money Premium 2007 has changed little...

Auto Payroll v. 1.2

Payroll isnt just for accountants and payroll services anymore. There are numerous Web-based and desktop solutions for small-business types looking to take on this most complex, most regulated element...

Quicken Premier 2007

A few years ago, Intuit promised an innovative new Quicken interface, then disappointed us. This year, however, the company came through. The new home page is better than anything...

Microsoft Money Essentials 2007

Money Essentials may be the simplest program Microsoft has ever produced. The developers will likely tweak it over the years, but Microsoft says its meant to be a clean,...

QuickBooks SimpleStart Takes a Ground-Level Approach

Full ReviewWord processors and spreadsheet applications have grown incredibly complex, but theyre still easy to use because much of the bloat is hidden. With your typical accounting software, however,...

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