Opengear Console Server Revamps KVM Gear

Opengear is shipping a uClinux-based console server designed for enterprises with unused Kernel-based Virtual Machine infrastructure.The KCS6000 KVM gateway console turns outdated rack-mounted keyboards and LCD screens into stations...

Linux Phone Stack Vendor Wins Big in Japan

Access has announced a potentially enormous win in Japan for its Linux-based software stack for phones and other mobile devices. The deal could see the ALP (Access Linux Platform)...

Google, Allies in Open Linux Phone Initiative

Google and 33 other companies have announced an ambitious industry alliance that will maintain a completely open-source mobile phone stack. The OHA (Open Handset Alliance) says phones based on...

Linux Foundation Director Discusses Goals

Why did the Free Standards Group and Open Source Development Labs decide to merge? Both groups have long shared the same ultimate goal—to accelerate the adoption of Linux—and have worked...

Red Hat Tips Toward Telecom

Red Hat has launched a Telecommunications Partner program for NEPs (network equipment providers), OEMs, telecom ISVs (independent software vendors), and carriers/operators. The program will package existing and new Red...

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