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Symantec Acknowledges Activation Bug, Posts Fix

Symantec Corp. Monday acknowledged a problem with the activation feature included in many of its latest product releases, and posted a fix to solve the issue.In Symantec products that...

DRM Due In Handhelds Within A Year

Digital-rights-management solutions could be present within smartphones in as a little as a years time, a senior executive at Philips said, one of a number of functions being added...

Dell Halts Axim Shipments After Firmware Bug Found

Dell Computer has discovered a firmware bug that slows down the performance of its Axim X5 handheld, and has halted shipments of the PDA until it is fixed.The bug,...

Hewlett-Packard Pulling Out Of Retail CD+RW Market

The largest vendor of CD rewriteable drives, Hewlett-Packard Co., will phase out its entire retail CD+RW product line by the end of the year in favor of rewriteable DVDs.The...

Microsoft Gives the Green Light to Nvidia’s Ion

Microsoft has cleared the way for new types of "netbooks" and other mini-notebooks based on Nvidia's Ion platform by certifying the graphic maker's technology for Windows Vista.Read the rest...

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