Matt Villano

Hauling Talent By Truckload

When officials at Toyota Motor Corp.s San Francisco-based Motor Sales division opted to create an Office of the Web to handle e-business one and a half years ago, they...

Escaping a Data Sand Trap

Back in 1997, ordering golf course maintenance equipment from Cleveland-based Lesco Inc. was as difficult as trimming the courses themselves.When supplies ran low, customers—landscapers at more than 7,000 courses...

Keeping Lives In Harmony

Albert Fretz has been known to work 70-hour weeks to finish difficult projects. Fretzs bosses at Talk2 Technology Inc., a Salt Lake City-based telecommunications company, love and encourage such...

An E-Message in a Bottle

Its a chilly fall morning at the 34-year-old Robert Mondavi Vineyard, and in their offices high atop a warehouse filled with casks of wine, the duo that constitutes the...

Making Mainframe Time Machines

On a brisk and sunny day at Marist College, in Poughkeepsie, N.Y., the schools data processing facility overflows with life. An IBM S/390 mainframe computer, a new version of...

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