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Online News Editormatthew_rothenberg@ziffdavisenterprise.comMatthew has been associated with Ziff Davis' news efforts for more than a decade, including an eight-year run with the print and online versions of MacWEEK. He also helped run the news and opinion operations at ZDNet and CNet. Matthew holds a B.A. from the University of California, San Diego.

Stopping Patent Trolls

Whats the latest synonym for "patent troll"? Last month, it was "NTP." This month, the watchword is "MercExchange," the name of the small e-commerce company thats suing eBay over...

Money, Power and Taking Aim at Microsoft

In data centers, as in so much of life, its all about money and power: How can you make your site cooler and more energy-efficient? Some IT pros are...

Utility Computing: Good to Go?

Is utility computing like the weather—a popular topic nobody ever does anything about? At, were taking the measure of this much-discussed technology initiative with the latest addition to...

eWEEK.coms Industrial Revolution

With some help from our September redesign, has brought you the latest horizontal tech news in topic areas ranging from Linux to messaging to wireless. Now, were about...

Blogs and TalkBacks for

Running a thriving Web site is a little like painting the Golden Gate Bridge: As soon as youve applied a fresh coat to the whole span, its time to...

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