Meg McGinity

Senior WriterMeg was an original staff member of start-up publication, where her beats included Internet and wireless industries and she was presented with CMP's President's Award for editorial in 1999. She joined Interactive Week in October 1999 as senior writer covering wireless and joined The Net Economy a year later, covering services.Meg attended Northwestern's Medill School of Journalism for Master's in Journalism and was a staff member of Lerner Newspapers and Chicago Life Magazine. Her editorial work has also appeared in Crain's New York Business, The Village Voice, and Communications of the ACM.Meg covers services, and wireless technology.

MSN Tries New Tactic To Lure AOLers

Microsoft is trying to remove one excuse AOL members have had for not switching over to MSN.The Redmond behemoth is using software, called TrueSwitch, that lets users of other...

DSL Resolutions from BellSouth

Fourth-quarter promotions, more self-installations and the demise of Excite@Home helped BellSouth celebrate success in its DSL business in 2001.The company reported today during a conference call, to the congratulations...

What Happens if Excite@Home Shuts Down?

Speculation about the immediate future of cable data-service provider Excite@Home has to center on one overarching question: What would happen to the bankrupt service providers 4.1 million customers if...

X Marks the VASP

If you cant eat the whole enchilada, you might as well get one tasty bite. Thats the thinking behind the mushrooming application service providers that have been setting their...

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