Michael Vizard

As the Editorial Director and Senior Vice President, Michael Vizard sets the strategic editorial direction for the Enterprise Group at Ziff Davis, which includes eWEEK, Baseline, CIO Insight, The Channel Insider, Publish and Microsoft Watch,. Mr. Vizard has served as the Editor in Chief of CMP Media's Computer Resellers News, in addition to being Editor in Chief at International Data Group's InfoWorld. Mr. Vizard has also had extensive editorial management experience over an 18-year career that has included management positions with PC Week, Computerworld, Digital Review and Electronic Buyers' News.

IBM Chief to Partners: Get Smarter

IBM has been making a lot of marketing noise lately about making the planet smarter, ranging from complex undertakings such as making the electric grid more efficient to just...

How to Approach Green Technology Adoption

IT professionals are not always the most popular people in an organization. After all, much of the job involves telling people they can have only a certain amount of...

SMBs, SAAS May Mix After All

When it comes to small and midsize business customers, the general assumption that gets made in the vendor community is that they would all line up to use enterprise-class...

Vendors Swayed by Smaller Customers’ Needs

Vendors spend a lot of time trying to figure out how to best approach IT organizations that work for midmarket companies, which the industry typically defines as companies with...

10 Foolish Things Vendors Do

10 Foolish Things Vendors Do 10 Foolish Things Vendors Do - Feature Focus Market products based on features rather than the pain points the customer has.Nothing shows the customer that the...

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