Paul Korzeniowski

Internet Insight: Satellites Hit New Orbit

Beam it up, Scotty. Thats what a growing number of IT managers are saying as they turn to satellite communications to carry enterprise data traffic. These executives are discovering...

Internet Insight: Getting Data Up and Down

Compared with terrestrial communications, satellite links can be tricky to manage. For instance, satellite service providers must deal with the weather. Heavy rain or snow can slow transmissions and...

Internet Insight: Right Way to Build Dynamic Content

Once a company decides to distribute its dynamic content, it has to put mechanisms in place to ensure proper page creation. The ESI specification includes features to help ensure...

Internet Insight: ESI Does It

Call it a Cache-22. Dynamic Web content is emerging as a key to successful e-business sites. But that fluid information can lead to heavy network traffic, slowing application servers...

Internet Insight: A Little Slice of the UDDI Pie

Sometimes, funny things happen to a technology on the way to becoming the next big thing. Take UDDI. The Universal Description, Discovery and Integration standard, which hit the scene...

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