Radhika Kaushik

Wireless Product Showcase

Vulcans Mini PCDescription: It claims to be "tomorrows PC." It is small enough to be carried around, runs on Windows XP and is wirelessly connected.Whats cool: The fact that...

Wireless Product Showcase – 4

Itronix GoBook Tablet PCDescription: From Itronix, a small and light ruggedized Tablet PC, the GoBook Tablet PC weighs just 3.7 lbs and is Bluetooth equipped.Whats cool: The fact that...

Wireless Product Showcase – 5

Wildseeds Smart Skins for Wireless phonesDescription: The company is a pioneer in the worlds first intelligent faceplates called Smart Skins, to be used for wireless phones. Funky? You bet....

Wireless Product Showcase – 3

Product: Linksys Ricochet RouterA 192kbps wireless internet service. Available in San Diego and Denver. Whats cool: Doesnt need a hotspot. The Router lets four computers share one connection. Whats not so...

Price Watch: Hard Drives

Welcome, to this weeks hard drive price watch. This week, sees the same sluggish activity on hard drive products in various capacity ranges. While prices for most products remain...

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