Sascha Segan

Sascha Segan is PC Magazine's Lead Analyst for mobile phones and PDAs. He is responsible for testing, benchmarking and evaluating mobile phones and other handheld devices. Sascha joined the magazine in 2004 after covering consumer electronics for technology, travel and lifestyle publications, and editing the now hard-to-find book, 'I Just Got a Cell Phone, Now What?' He once helped cover an election in Africa using only a PalmPilot Professional with a modem and attachable keyboard as his traveling gear.

RIM BlackBerry 7100t

The BlackBerry 7100t from T-Mobile looks like no other BlackBerry and packs more power than any BlackBerry has before. If youre OK with the odd keyboard, this is an...

Apple iPhone Doesnt Play Well with Web 2.0

Existing Web 2.0 applications arent working well with iPhone because of its lack of streaming media, Java, Flash, and even full AJAX support, I found in testing various popular...

HTC Launches iPhone-Like Windows Phone

Windows Mobile phone maker HTC launched a shot directly at Apples bow with todays release of the HTC Touch, an iPhone-like Windows Mobile device that uses a gestural touch...

T-Mobile Sidekick ID Keeps It Simple

Probably the easiest to use e-mail handheld in the world, the Sidekick line has become a hit with celebrities who arent typically known for their high-tech savvy. Thats a...

Blackberry 8800 Displays Some Bright Concepts

ZIFFPAGE TITLEAt A Glance> ZIFFPAGE TITLEFull Review The new Blackberry 8800 brings Pearl style and media features to a professional class Blackberry, but its missing one key feature that may cause...

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