Sebastian Rupley

A Watchful Assistant Raises Privacy Concerns

It is always on, passively listening. The Personal Awareness Assistant prototype from consulting firm Accenture has a speech recognition engine, two small microphones, a small camera and a scrolling...

Coming Soon to Centrino Notebooks—Linux has announced a new version of its Linux operating system with support for portable computers based on the Intel Centrino platform. Although few observers see an immediate threat...

Top 10 Viruses of 2001

Computer Associates has released its list of the top 10 viruses for 2001. The list appears at the end of each calendar year, and three of the top four...

Demo Hosts New Product Legion

A select group of digerati arrived in Huntington Beach, Calif. this week for the DEMO fall conference, which focuses on many brand new technologies and has served as the...

D.I.Y. Linux

If you are a tech tinkerer at heart, have some free time on your hands, and embrace the sweat and tears that accompany a challenging project, perhaps youve contemplated...

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