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Weekly Spyware Alert: CoolWebSearch

Variants: This spyware is morphing at a rapid rate. Below, variants and their estimated appearance date are listed in reverse chronological order. DNSRelay.dll – August 7, 2003 Svchost32 – August 3,...

Weekly Spyware Alert: RapidBlaster

Aliases: rb32 (its executable name)Variants: RapidBlaster/v1 is the original version. RapidBlaster/lp is an update using a slightly different names. RapidBlaster/Ainst is an ActiveX installer used to load v1 or...

Weekly Spyware Alert: IEAccess

Aliases: eGroup Variants: IEAccess/IEDial and IEAccess/HTMLAccess are similar but use different filenames and IDs. Description: IEAccess is an ActiveX control used to download and install premium-rate dialers*, primarily for porn sites. * Dialers...

Weekly Spyware Alert: KeenValue

Intruder: KeenValueDescription:KeenValue is advertising software that tracks: Web sites/pages viewed The amount of time spent at some Web sites Response to the Advertisements displayed Standard web log information including IP address and system...

Weekly Spyware Alert: Xupiter

Aliases: Xupiter Toolbar, browserwise.comVariants: Xupiter/Xupiter, Xupiter/Xjupiter, Xupiter/2003, Xupiter/Sqwire, Xupiter/OrbitExplorer, Xupiter/Browserwise, Xupiter/BrowserDescription: Xupiter is an Internet Explorer toolbar that tracks your web surfing activities and displays numerous targeted pop-up advertisements...

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