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Google Services

Gmail, Other Google Services Suffer Outages

Gmail and other Google service disruptions appeared to begin just after 2 p.m. ET and were being resolved within about an hour, according to reports.

Microsoft Rides High on Business Software

Strong enterprise demand for Microsoft's software and cloud services pushes the company to record sales during its second quarter.

Google Business Photos to Showcase Best Western Hotels

The Best Western hotel chain has signed up with Google to have the interiors and exteriors of its hotels in North America photographed so customers can see the facilities before arriving.

Bing Courts Webmasters With Knowledge Widget

Microsoft enlists its search technology to enhance Website content, allowing visitors to delve deeper into topics of interest.
in-car tech

Google Deepens Relationship With Audi for In-Car Information Systems

Google and Audi are expected to announce the joint development of new Android in-car systems at the January Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

Google Open Gallery Lets Small-Gallery Owners Show Their Collections

The new Open Gallery feature encourages small-gallery owners to open their doors to the world so that online visitors can see the artwork inside their walls.

Google Trends Page Updated to Give Users More Information

Google continues to add features to Trends. This time it's a new home page that makes it easier to find the trends you are seeking.
search engine

Microsoft Celebrates Bing's Big Year

As 2013 draws to an end, Microsoft charts the progress of its in-house search technology—Bing.

Google Top Searches in 2013: Nelson Mandela, Paul Walker, iPhone 5S

Google's annual year-end Zeitgeist lists tell the story of what we all searched for online in the past year.

Google Employee Bus Protested in San Francisco

A Google commuter bus that shuttles employees to and from work was blocked for some 30 minutes by residents who oppose the use of the buses for traffic and economic reasons.
Mobile search

Google Mobile Search Updates: App Referrals for Android

Android search users now get referrals to apps that can give more information, and three more languages are supported using Google Voice Search.
IT security

ZeroAccess Botnet Takedown: A Joint Move by Law Enforcement, Business

Microsoft and law enforcement get together to try and top a botnet that takes aim at infecting users' search engine results.

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