The Need for Speed: How Identity Compromise Accelerates Attacks

Modern adversaries are always seeking new ways to infiltrate more organizations, exfiltrate more data, generate more funds and achieve their myriad nefarious goals. This poses a big problem for defenders who put themselves at risk without the required defensive tools in place.  Adversaries’ changing tactics enable them to stay ahead. In the past, many have […]

Five Steps to Kick-start Your Move to XDR

Alert overload is practically a given for security teams today. Analysts are inundated with new detections and events to triage, all spread across a growing set of disparate, disconnected security tools. In fact, they’ve burgeoned to such an extent that the average enterprise now has 45 cybersecurity-related tools deployed across its environment. As attacks grow […]

Agentless vs. Agent-Driven Security: Why Not Both?

Not everything in the digital world is binary. Choices about how to approach security, for example, don’t always have to be either-or. Such is the case in the debate over agentless and agent-based protection in enterprise cloud security strategy. The environments that many organizations operate and defend are substantially different from those of a decade […]