How to Build a Zero Trust Edge

To compete effectively in today’s rapidly evolving digital marketplace, most organizations have accelerated their efforts at digital innovation. One outcome has been the rapid expansion of the network edge, including developing hybrid networks that span constantly evolving data centers, campuses, branch offices, and multi-cloud environments. And the transition to a hybrid workforce has added home […]

Four Considerations for Setting Up An Integrated SD-WAN Solution with LTE/5G

The combination of SD-WAN and 5G provides faster access to local networks while also enabling direct internet access to multi-cloud/SaaS applications (LAN/WLAN). When organizations use LTE/5G connections, it gives the branches more high-quality internet links for their cloud access. SD-WAN also has more ways to reach performance benchmarks, which improves the user experience. Using LTE/5G […]

Why These 5 Cybersecurity Threats Should Concern Any IT Team

Cybersecurity changes rapidly, but one thing remains constant. Threats don’t seem to slow down. If your network and security tools aren’t up to the task of protecting your organization now, it’s not likely to get better going forward. Cybercrime is an industry unto itself, with new business models and tactics being developed all the time.  […]

The Latest Threat Intelligence to Help You Fortify Your IT Security

Threat intelligence captured in the real world can warn IT security teams about the types of menaces that are on the horizon and when they could arrive, how they might function, and how much damage they may cause. The more visibility organizations have, the better they can defend against attacks. Fast Fiends IT security teams […]

SD-WAN Works Best as Part of a Platform

Today business and work are evolving at breakneck speed, and networks need to be able to keep up. In addition to being flexible enough to adapt to changing business needs and new technology, networks now also need to provide a consistent user experience for employees who may be working from home, the office, or anywhere […]

Make Work from Anywhere a Reality with ZTNA

The season of ice and snow has arrived in North America and after a year of confinement, when you see the typical photos related to working from anywhere, it’s easy to be jealous. The image of the guy writing lines of code or peerless prose from a white sand beach in the Caribbean might seem […]

9 Considerations When Evaluating SD-WAN Solutions

SD-WAN can be a highly versatile tool, especially as digital innovation expands the organization’s extended network. Connecting branch offices to the cloud or data center is only one possible SD-WAN scenario. It can also be used to support other uses cases, such as creating high-speed, on-demand connections between clouds and the data center. And with the […]

Advanced Protection for Cloud Workloads

Organizations embrace multiple cloud platforms for a variety of reasons, such as to increase efficiency and distribute compute resources. According to the 2021 Flexera State of the Cloud report, 92% of enterprises have a multi-cloud strategy and 80% have a hybrid cloud strategy.1 But these same organizations also often experience increased management complexity that can impact security and […]

The Value of Regularly Assessing Your Enterprise’s Cybersecurity Posture

Every enterprise has unique security requirements and standards based on its risk profile and tolerance. in fact, according to Gartner, 78% of organizations use 16 or more security tools and spend more than $150B on information security every year. Despite these tools and spending, it remains very difficult to assess how secure and protected organizations are against constantly […]

Enabling Self-Healing SD-WAN from the WAN Edge to the Cloud Edge

The Internet is at times unpredictable and unreliable, and no matter how robust your WAN infrastructure is, brownout and blackout outages are sometimes unavoidable. Unreliable connectivity is especially a challenge for large and distributed enterprises that span multiple countries and regions that grapple with regular internet impairment. As networks shift from traditional IP-based to application-driven, reactive to […]