Performance Monitoring, Observability for the Home Office

Part 5 of eWEEK’s “Home as Enterprise Branch” series explains that WFH isn’t only about the mere speed and security of applications; it’s about several attributes: speed, security, reliability, agility, configurability, and others. How do users at home or in an office know when they’re getting the best performances out of a device, application or […]

Selecting Endpoint Visibility, Management for WFH Employees

Part 4 of eWEEK’s “Home as Enterprise Branch” series discusses why enterprises now are focusing heavily on updating the endpoint management of their desktop PCs, laptops, phones, tablets, video equipment and other devices housed in home offices-turned-corporate branches here in 2021. Remote work is driving more unstructured data sprawl than ever in the history of […]

How to Equip a Next-Gen Home Office

Part 3 of the eWEEK Series “The Home as Enterprise Branch” examines recommended PCs, security services and peripherals for long-established, new and about-to-be-upgraded home offices. When setting up or upgrading a home office in which you’re working for either yourself or for a company, there are a lot of tools you’ll need to consider. You […]

Enterprise Security at Home: Remote Access Options

eWEEK SPECIAL REPORT: Part 2 of the eWEEK series “The Home as Enterprise Branch” focuses on zero trust as a key component in next-gen security. Within the confines of a personal residence, there is normally a modicum of trust involved with those who share rooms together–whether it’s a family, a group of friends or another […]

What Next-Gen Networking Brings to the Home Table

eWEEK NETWORKING ANALYSIS: Too many unsafe network connections are causing problems in home-based offices. “I literally have my lawn sprinkler system on the same network as my laptops,” a high-ranking executive with a first-line IT company told eWEEK. He also said he has teenagers that use the home network for various gaming sessions. Okay, so […]

Virtual, Multi-Cloud Networks Require New Approaches to Security

Cyberattacks are becoming more pervasive and destructive by the day, and network operators consistently report that responding to security challenges is a top concern. The accelerating pace of business, coupled with budgetary limitations, can make this challenge even greater. Stealthy new dangers have also emerged, such as advanced persistent threats (APTs) that are designed to […]

Software-First Networking Promotes Agility, Security

Network control now transcends hardware, because it has to. The traditional need to manually reconfigure network hardware each time a new service or business model is added or scaled up is no longer viable. Software-defined networks respond dynamically to changing needs in real time, so that workloads can be spun up, scaled, and shut down […]

Optimizing the Intersection Between Virtual and Physical Networks

At one time, network upgrades were defined by the purchase of new equipment, in search of higher port speeds and new features to accelerate throughput. Today, that set of requirements has been replaced by the drive for greater agility and security as enterprises embrace challenges such as the new multi-cloud reality and the need to […]