6 Best Practices for Implementing Marketing Resource Management: Infographic

Check out this informative infographic to learn Wrike’s six best practices for implementing marketing resource management!

Top Priorities for Marketing Success During the 2023 Recession (Part Two)

Read Part One here. As we get further into 2023, predictions for the upcoming year are at fever pitch. Will there be a recession? Will it result in a soft landing, as some economists predict? It’s an uncertain time for many industries but especially for marketers, whose departments usually experience some of the first and deepest cuts. […]

Top Priorities for Marketing Success During the 2023 Recession (Part One)

2022 was certainly a year for the books. Marketers have faced unprecedented challenges following a global pandemic and rapid digitalization, including a switch to hybrid work and transition challenges posed by employee turnover during the Great Resignation. New market trends also necessitated a fundamental shift in the way we work, engage our buyers, and connect […]

Omnichannel Marketing Ultimate Guide

Omnichannel Marketing Ultimate Guide  Nikita was fascinated with the newly launched products of a skincare brand at the neighborhood mall but ended up purchasing them from the brand’s website. Alex, meanwhile, checked out a shoe brand’s website, but later found the right size on the brand’s mobile app. What’s happening here? It’s omnichannel marketing at work. […]

4 Editorial Calendar Templates to Streamline Publishing

An editorial calendar provides you and your team with a clear and easy-to-follow plan for content publishing. What requires a concerted effort in the beginning can have a long-lasting impact as you can better navigate changing circumstances and new input with a robust schedule in place. We’ve rounded up the four best free editorial calendar […]

Dark Matter of Work: The Cost of Work Complexities in Marketing

As the looming recession approaches and mass layoffs continue, your organization’s efficiency is under more and more scrutiny. And as the way we work continues to evolve and become more complex, your efficiency begins to suffer. Over the past few years, modern work complexities have been eating away at your bottom line through an invisible yet powerful […]