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Since 1983, eWEEK has been a trusted information resource in the IT industry, delivering technology news, in-depth analysis of enterprise IT trends, and reviews of new products. Originally called PC Week, our publication was one of the first to provide perspectives on the tech industry specifically for IT administrators and IT professionals working for large companies that were beginning to build out their infrastructures.

For more than 30 years, eWEEK has chronicled how enterprise technology has changed from a reliance on mainframes to the era of distributed computing involving x86 servers, PCs, and sophisticated software -- and finally to our modern world of enterprise applications, mobile devices, virtualization, and cloud computing.

In the same way that PC Week evolved into eWEEK to reflect expanded coverage of an IT industry beyond desktop computers, our website now also offers readers website experiences that are optimized for tablet and smartphone users.

eWEEK is the flagship publication of QuinStreet Enterprise, a leading B2B publisher for IT decision-makers. In addition to eWEEK, our industry-leading portfolio of premium IT media brands includes Baseline, CIO Insight, Channel Insider, IT Business Edge, Webopedia, Datamation, Small Business Computing, eSecurityPlanet, ServerWatch, Enterprise Networking Planet, Enterprise Storage Forum, Developer.com, HTML Goodies, CodeGuru, and many more.

For more information on our publications, please contact our sales team.

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