The Pain of Peripherals

By Jim Lynch  |  Posted 2005-01-26 Print this article Print

Looking into the box my G5 arrived in, I immediately dismissed the idea of using Apples crappy keyboard and bizarre, crippled, one-button mouse. I dont even use mice anymore, never mind one with just a single button. Come on Apple, get over it! The one-button mouse is a relic from your past. At least have the decency to put a frigging two-button mouse in the box next time! And theres no way in hell Id use a non-ergonomic keyboard these days. No carpal tunnel for me, thank you very much! Loyd: For all of Apples design chops, its adherence to the one-button mouse and crappy keyboards are a mystery. All the Apple employees I know also replace their mouse and keyboard, which should tell you something. Of course, Logitech loves this… Not having been bright enough to buy a KVM ahead of time, I had to disconnect my keyboard and trackball from my main computer as well as the DVI cable. It was here that I ran into a couple of bumps. My beloved Logitech Trackball and Microsoft Natural keyboard were PS2-based, and the Power Mac only had USB slots on it! The horror!
Loyd: I can understand the PS/2 keyboard, but a PS/2 trackball? You really play UT2004 with a trackball? The mind boggles…
Fortunately, I had another Microsoft keyboard laying around that had a USB connector on it and also a Microsoft Trackball that was USB based. Both of those would work for the short term (I can hear the groans of disgust from veteran Mac users: A Microsoft keyboard and trackball...with a Mac???). A couple of days later I got a PS2 to USB adaptor and started using my beloved Logitech Trackball and MS Natural Keyboard. Continued...

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