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One of the coolest things about OS X is Exposé. Exposé lets you easily switch between windows when youre running multiple applications on your OS X desktop (and who doesnt have at least ten or fifteen apps running at the same time these days?). Hit F9 and Exposé zooms out and tiles all your open windows. You can then click one to bring it to the foreground. All your windows then return to normal size. If you hit F10, Exposé will tile your windows again, but this time it keeps all instances of the application you were just using in the foreground, while relegating the other apps to the background. F11 hides all open windows on the deskop and gives you quick access to your desktop.
Exposé is very slick, and once you get used to having it, its hard to go back to the way things are in Linux and Windows. If you get a chance to go to an Apple store and use OS X, just remember to get a bunch of application windows on the screen and then just hit F9, F10 and F11 to see what I mean.
I predict that Microsoft will steal this feature in the next full release of Windows. Theyd be fools not to. And Linux developers might want to consider it too. It makes navigating zillions of application windows seriously fast and easy! I think that all of this just goes to show you that, regardless of the operating system, it takes time for newbies to learn their way around and adjust to the operating systems GUI. And yes, its a good idea to "RTM" but lets face it, not everybody does that. Personally I think Apple should make some adjustments to OS X, but given all of their recent success, who the heck am I to question their designs, right? Oh wait, Im one of the people they were aiming at with the Mac mini (more on that later). Loyd: Recent success? You mean the 2% to 4% market share in the PC business? Apple is in danger of becoming the "iPod Company." Thats not a bad thing in itself necessarily. But well have to see if the Mac mini punches up their market share for PCs. Continued...

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