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By Daniel Drew Turner  |  Posted 2005-10-13 Print this article Print

Video Updates"> Retailer Reactions "Its a great holiday lineup," said Richard Haddock, the president of the Haddock Computer Center chain of stores, which has locations in Des Moines, Iowa, Oklahoma City, Okla. and Wichita, Kan.
He said that he thought the iPod family, with the shuffle, nano and video iPod would sell very well through the holiday season.
As for whether the surprise announcement of new iPods and iMacs left him with suddenly outdated models in stock, he said "everyones pretty good, inventory-wise," in that few of his stores have large backstocks. "Weve been selling through for the most part," he said. He added that Apples Power Macs, which have not been updated since late April, are still selling "pretty well." The new iMacs "wont change the mix [of desktop sales], really," he said. He noted that though the new iMacs feature faster Power PC G5 processors and technology boosts over the Power Macs such as PCI Express video and faster RAM, none of the iMacs have the dual-processor configurations of the Power Macs. For his customers who work with video or audio, hell still recommend Power Macs, he said. With the new Front Row capabilities of the iMacs, he said, he should be able to sell iMacs "into different rooms"—whereas the traditional desktop sat in an office setting. The media-savvy iMacs could go into living rooms and bedrooms, he said. "Its nice to see that Apple can still surprise people, even the ones who read rumor sites," said Fred Evans, a product manager at a large, Midwest Apple Specialist store. "The iMac upgrade looks very promising," he said, adding that he has already ordered that product heavily, as well as the new iPods. He said that the new model announcement didnt affect his stores current inventory much. "Apple provides price protection so we can clear out the old models," he said. "Front Row looks like the next step in Apples invasion of the living room," Evans said. "First we had music with the AirPort Express and now we have photos, video and TV. I think that the iTunes 6.0 TV announcement will actually be one of the biggest parts of the announcement and help convert even more PC users," he said. "TV, like music, is one of those near universal things that everyone takes part in," Evans said, adding that "the ability to legally and easily download new TV programs soon after they air live is very compelling. There are a great number of people who dont have DVRs or other computer based solutions for catching up on missed TV shows. The only options they have if they missed the Latest "Desperate Housewives" was to borrow a tape from a friend or wait for re-runs or DVD versions." Click here to read more about Apples video iPod. "Now," Evans added, "they can jump on the iTunes store and buy the last nights show." Evans said he has been selling digital TV solutions such as Elgato Systems EyeTV, but "they are a fairly pricey solution and dont work with everyones set up." "If Apple just had music videos," he said, "the new iTunes and iPod would have only appealed to a small percentage of the population, but with TV, they are hitting the most mainstream audience you can get." Evans said that the Front Row software solution makes it easy to demonstrate how Macintosh computers present photos, music, video and TV. "I think it will be easy for people to do it themselves as well," he said. "Im looking forward to playing with it and I hope they offer it as a stand-alone solution we can sell for other Macs," he said. "My new iPod is already out of date," he sighed. "And so is my new EyeTV." Check out eWEEK.coms for the latest news, reviews and analysis on Apple in the enterprise.


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