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Dead"> But thats not to say that Apple is dead. Nope, far from it, actually. But the companys changed. When was the last time you heard anyone ooohing or aaahing over a new PC or notebook? Not for a while. But Apples still a darling—just in a brand new, consumer electronics space. Take the iPod. It doesnt have the biggest hard drive, or the smallest size. But it has a generous allotment of the Apple magic: sex appeal, sizzle and nifty usability.
And when it comes to software, look no further than iTunes. Sure, Sherlocks been bypassed, but leave it to Apple to solve the on-line music conundrum. 70 million downloads later, a buck a song was clearly a brilliant move.
Or take the iSight camera. Its hardly the best Webcam out there, but combined with Apples nifty software, it really delivers a great user experience. And it looks so much cooler than anyone elses too. In a contrary opinion, Rob Enderle suggests that Apple should look to both consumer and PC markets for its future. Click here to read more. Im not sure how much time Apple spends obsessing over its computer business. But its more time than they have. Apple has clearly become a consumer electronics and media company, but its already lagging in many key areas. If I were Steve Jobs, heres what Id trade in:
Trade In Pick Up
G5 Desktops Media Center Macintosh
XServe Servers Home Media Server and PVR
iBook iPod Video Player
OS X iHome OS
Newton NewtPhone
Displays iHDTV

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