Overture to BEA

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?"> Well, BEA came out and said that they had talked to JBoss and that, in fact, your company had made an overture to them. Do you have any comment on that? Yeah, that one Im willing to comment on. I was extremely surprised by Marge Breyas comments in the press. I thought they were completely unprofessional. I dont know her. I dont know who she is. I dont know what she does. And she seems to have a pretty strong opinion about my personality and my company. To claim that theyve done an audit is just a lie. It was done by some low-level employee of theirs and so maybe shes confused about things, because that was never the case.
But I want to say very clearly, because as soon as the rumors came out and they seemed to have panicked a little bit, they felt obliged to come with that lie. Apparently they stopped. But it doesnt make them look good. I want to make it very clear that I would have never, ever sold to a company like BEA. And the reasons are simple. Whatever is in the future of JBoss, what I want you to know and trust is that Ill make a decision that maximizes our vision potential, which is to transform the way we develop, distribute and sell software. And BEA is a company that doesnt pass the sniff test. I would never, ever sell to them. There was never an audit by BEA. Thats a company I would never go to. Going there would be the death of our development model, the death of our distribution model and our support structure. Its just too conflicted a company with its own agenda to even think about doing business there. I mean, think about it. I resent the way IBM and BEA tried to characterize this, which proves the point to which they were panicked about this rumor. So theyre going around saying "Yeah, theyre trying to sell themselves." Look at me, have I sold to anybody? No. Will I in the future? Maybe, if the thing makes sense. Its not about the money. There is money in every option we have. Its not about the VCs [venture capitalists]. In fact, the VCs back us up in every plan and were majority holders, employees and founders. And, in fact, the VC, David Skok, has been stellar in supporting us. Hes been the one to say we should walk away from previous discussions outside of these rumors. And so to have somebody I dont know like Marge Breya just come out and be proactive in spreading a lie makes me think they are very confused. We complained to [BEA chief executive Alfred] Chuang and said: "What is this? Put a leash on your puppy." And finally it stopped. But it was so unprofessional. They look desperate; they dont know what theyre saying. So I hope that puts an end to this BEA thing. I would have never sold and I will never sell unless theres a radical change of everything over there. Next Page: Reason to merge.


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