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UML and Together"> Meanwhile, Mercy Ships has recently begun looking at UML (Unified Modeling Language) modeling and has been using Borlands Together tool to model specifications, Burton said.

"UML modeling with Together allows us to more effectively model specifications," Burton said.

But Burton cautioned that his organizations use of Together and UML is still in its early days.

"We are delving into the UML area," Burton said. "Weve used some of the auditing requirements; weve done a little bit of work with the UML; were still on a pretty steep learning curve in that area."

The challenges arent strictly technological. One of the biggest is skill sets. "The trouble is, most of us have been around too long to have ever studied that at college or anything like that. So were trying to pull ourselves up by our bootstraps on that. So its an evolving area for us," Burton said.

Overall, Burton said he believes JBuilder is one of the leading products in its field.

Click here to read more about Borlands Together modeling tool. "We never had any reason to think we could do any better in any other way," said Burton of JBuilder. However, he added, "What were interested in in the next version [of JBuilder] is its Eclipse [open-source application development framework] integration. Thats of interest to us—not so much because were excited about what Eclipse will do for us, but because were using a lot of open-source projects like Hibernate and the Spring framework, and those projects are starting to produce plug-ins for the Eclipse environment, which were interested in looking at."

Further, Burton said that Mercy Ships does not "want to switch IDEs [integrated development environments] because were quite happy with what JBuilder is doing for us. Therefore, the ability to continue with JBuilder and get the benefits of the Eclipse underpinnings and the ability to use the Eclipse plug-ins is something were quite interested in. We just see that as a natural evolution to where we are now. We like the way JBuilder integrates with Together, although were still learning what we can do with Together. Its such a well-integrated suite. We have never had to call support. It just works."

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