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Jim: Wasnt it P. T. Barnum who said something like, "You can never go wrong underestimating the stupidity of the American public."
Later on in your column you said "Imagine if there were a rash of car thefts where thieves stole a bunch of cars that were left running with the doors open. "
Now what would the reaction be if car makers gave us cars with no locks and ignition systems that were so easy to defeat that even a ten-year-old could steal a car? I bet there would be a hue and cry in the press and lots of other car makers would run adds saying how safe their cards are. Do you spot any resemblance to Outlook and the cars mentioned in the previous paragraph? Ive been writing software for a living for over 20 years now. Its my position that any thing like Outlook that makes it easy to hijack a users system is irresponsible. (Course its nice when you have a virtual monopoly.) So which is easier?
1) Making a fundamental change in the human condition (banishing stupidity)
2) Changing a small body of software to make it harder for virus writers to spread their little toys over the net Jim: Finally someone has the nerve to put in writing what weve all been thinking! Thank You. I am sending links to the article to everyone I know. I cant tell you how many hours and thousands of dollars we have spent trying to keep these attatchments out because people are too stupid not to open them. Although I think most of them must be AOL users as well. Great article! Dan Van Hout


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