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By Darryl K. Taft  |  Posted 2007-03-27 Print this article Print

Meanwhile, Microsoft has launched a new road map for its professional developer products. The Orcas release is expected by year end, according to a blog post by Scott Guthrie, a general manager in the Microsoft Developer Division. There will be a second beta of Orcas in the middle of this year, Microsoft said. And the Orcas release of Team System will feature Visual Studio Team Suite, Team Edition for Software Architects, Team Edition for Software Developers, Team Edition for Software Testers and Team Foundation Server.
The Orcas release will also feature "code metrics to show cyclomatic complexity calculations," Leworthy said. "This tells a developer if their code is too complex and will provide suggestions on how to make it simpler," he said. In addition, with this information, developers can identify complex and error-prone code and prioritize it for testing.
In addition, the release will feature profiler support for WCF (Windows Communication Foundation) applications to enable profiling of WCF-based applications to improve application performance, Leworthy said. The product also will enable developers to customize and extend code correctness policies, Leworthy said There are also many new features for testing, including Web test validation rule improvements, better Web test data binding and improved load test results management, and the Web Test recorder now records AJAX requests and JavaScript pop-ups. Moreover, TFS features continuous integration and build improvements to enable members of a team to integrate their work frequently, automate builds and integrate tests to detect integration errors as quickly as possible, Leworthy said. It also features support for multithreaded builds with the new MSBuild. Some of the major scenarios and features in the Rosario version of Visual Studio Team System will include joint prioritization and management of IT projects through integration with Microsoft Project Server; project management across multiple projects for proactively load-balancing resources according to business priorities; full traceability to track project deliverables against business requirements and the ability to conduct rapid impact analysis of proposed changes; comprehensive metrics and dashboards for shared visibility into project status and progress against deliverables; new features to enable developers and testers to quickly identify, communicate, prioritize, diagnose and resolve bugs; and integrated test case management to create, organize and manage test cases across both the development and test teams, the company said. Click here to read Peter Coffees analysis of Visual Studio Team System. In addition, Rosario will feature testing automation and guidance to help developers and testers focus on business-level testing rather than repetitive, manual tasks; quality metrics for a "go/no-go" release decision on whether an application is ready for production and has been fully tested against business requirements; rapid integration of remote, distributed, disconnected and outsourced teams into the development process; easy customization of process and guidance from Microsoft and partners to match the way customers teams work; and improvements to multiserver administration, build and source control, Microsoft said. "Its been a great 10 years," Sridharan said. "Developers are the best customers you can ever market to or build products for." Asked about competition from the Eclipse open-source development platform, Sridharan said Visual Studio stacks up well feature-for-feature against Eclipse, but he said he believes the Visual Studio ecosystem is stronger and more vibrant. "We dont just build products, we help companies build businesses," he said. Check out eWEEK.coms for the latest news, reviews and analysis in programming environments and developer tools.

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