Manging the Data Center from the CIOs Perspective

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In the Information Age, data storage issues have never been more important. Our special report helps you stay on top of the newest trends in data center and storage management, with expert advice, best practices from forward-thinking companies, and guides to help you plan an effective management strategy. Tips for Reducing Storage Costs
Like death and taxes, there are two things that are certain in the world of data storage: Youll always want more of it, and it will never be cheap enough. So, we had an e-mail exchange with three storage experts to get some tips on how to do both.
How To Pull Money Out of Storage
New hardware and software are wringing inefficiencies from storage technologies.

Five Biggest Data Center Concerns
What are the biggest concerns among CIOs for the data center in 2006? The Gartner Group in its 2006 survey of IT executives gives the following four as the top of the list: Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery, Virtualization Directions & Technologies, Server & Storage Consolidation Trends, How to Run an Effective 24 x 7 Operation.

Do We Really Need Bigger Hard Disks?
Storage makers keep driving forward with plans for bigger and bigger hard disks. They say bigger is better. But can it be that sometimes bigger drives are too much of a good thing?

Primer: E-Discovery
What is e-discovery and why should you care? What are the information-technology issues? What if I cant produce the data? How much of this is about e-mail? This Baseline primer answers all of these questions and more.

The E-Discovery of Tape
The pressure on storage managers to dig out specific content in archives keeps growing as more companies are finding themselves saddled with urgent "e-discovery" motions for digital data. If this process goes wrong, it could cost your company millions and the boss could go to jail. However, a product that combines storage savvy with search technology may be a solution that fits the enterprise storage workflow.

  • Virtualization Can Save Departments, Not Just Servers
    Virtualization software helps consolidate IT assets and cut costs. The same principles can help make whole organizations more efficient, but it takes more thought to apply them on departments, rather than just servers or storage units.
  • Storage Management: Closet Space
    Using new tools and standards to better manage storage infrastructure can lead to more effective data analysis.
  • Pack-rat Approach to Data Storage is Drowning IT
    Opinion: CIOInsight columnist John Parkinson warns that information overload is outstripping our ability to develop new storage technologies. Whats a poor CIO to do?
  • Case Study: Panasonic Searches the Master Data for a Single Version of Truth
    The electronics giant is attempting to reconcile product information across its far-flung empire.
  • Overcomes Overloads used to have to shut down internal apps when Web traffic spiked just to avoid making customers wait. Now its IT group is finding new ways to find customers, helping to continue the growth it could barely keep up with before. Related Stories:
  • Whiteboard: Plotting a Storage Strategy
  • Networked Storage: Conquering Data Glut

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