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Is Veritas becoming more involved with the hardware pool of out of necessity?

First of all, we dont ship any hardware. Were going to have partnerships with all the key suppliers of servers, key suppliers of networks, key suppliers of storage–we live off of those partnerships; our customers expect them. I dont know any other way to provide high degrees of interoperability between different technologies. [In] some respects, were the glue that holds all of those hardware vendors together.

Where are you with utility-computing deliverables? Any surprises with either customer acceptance or lack of it?

You have to separate between where were at and where customers are at. We never believed that this is going to be a trend thats going to happen overnight. We think we have the vast majority of the key building blocks—especially with our recent acquisition of Ejasent—to give us that one last piece, which is the ability to dynamically move applications around without having outages. If you cant automatically provision storage, automatically provision servers, and move applications around, its difficult to achieve utility computing because it suggests you have to shut things down to do migrations. We like where were at in the curve. We think its going to be a move toward utility computing, not a race. Its going to probably a bit more of a marathon than a sprint.

How do you decide which technology is the best to acquire to push your business ahead in new areas?

When you have a company thats doing well, you want to keep your competitive advantage and use acquisitions smartly; you also dont want to be too disruptive. As I look and counterbalance EMC—trying now to integrate three large acquisitions simultaneously, run all three of them completely independently with separate sales forces—I think its going to be a real challenge for them. We dont think thats the way to do acquisitions. We think its all about integration, putting them together and making them aligned with each other.

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