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Do you see ECM (enterprise content management) playing a role with tape-based systems? If you look at the fixed content market, customers whine about tape and say something to the effect of, "I hate tape because I can never find anything so therefore I am going to archive everything onto disk." But if more and more of archive data needs to be retrievable, in other words, when a lawyer comes into the office and says, "I need every e-mail that says x in it and was written or received by this specific person the last seven years," if those tapes are at Iron Mountain, whats it going to take for you to retrieve those e-mails? If I do a content store of that data by some e-mail name and a few project names, I bet you I can retrieve that data, fast.
I have a feeling that ECM is going to have a huge effect on tape. Google being able to ask by the [U.S.] Department of Justice to provide clicks—were just getting started. You watch what happens [when] every text message, every picture, every instant message, every voice message, every e-mail has to be stored for years. Imagine a world where every interaction you have with your doctor has to be stored for your lifetime plus seven years, which is what the Europeans are trying to do already. Imagine being able to call up anything with an SLA of 90 seconds—that world is coming. Tape can do that but not disk.
What are Suns plans for storage encryption? We will encryption-enable our Titanium platform. We are building technology right into the stack. Thats the way the world is going so you have to have base-underlying technology to do this stuff. It enables a total different value proposition on how you deal with data. Encryption plus virtualization of tape enables IM to become an online data archival environment. It changes everything. How do you see the lines blurring between storage administration and security? Thats why we call it identity-enabled storage. What youre managing with identity is … data, … e-mail, retention. [Its] the marriage of identity with ILM: The job of ILM is to move [data] all around; the job of identity is only the right stuff is moved around. Make your storage identity knowledgeable and all of a sudden you think about data differently. Check out eWEEK.coms for the latest news, reviews and analysis on enterprise and small business storage hardware and software.


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