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-Oracle Shops"> Zornes says that CDH works best in all-Oracle shops, which kind of negates the core idea of having these hubs tie together disparate systems, doesnt it? [Zornes] said that if you were an Oracle customer, theres a propensity to choose our solution. We said, "Well, so?" Thats OK, theres nothing wrong with that.
This is part of my view on what he said: What were talking about is these mixed environments. The idea is that companies have customer information fragmented around the company in multiple systems.
If one of those systems happens to be an Oracle system, we get to bid on the opportunity to be that customer master, the central master. He somehow was discounting the fact that because we have a customer master in our application system that somehow were not a player in the [CDI] market. Our view is that Oracle is positioned beautifully for the CDI marketplace. We have two sides to our business: our applications side, selling ERP [enterprise resource planning] and CRM [customer relationship management] systems, which requires a customer master, and since most companies have fragmented ERP systems, you have two choices: [one is to] unify around E-Business Suite. If youre not inclined to do that, you dont have to unify around our suite, but you can unify around our data model. You dont have to implement it in the context of E-Business Suite. You can certainly implement Oracle CDH independent of [Oracle] transaction systems. Second, with all our technology customers, one of Oracles core messages has always been about IT consolidation and simplification. Thats what people come to Oracle to do: They have 50 databases, and they want to collapse that down to one or two. Those companies who are trying to save money on pure IT spending find this a very interesting subject. It gives them the opportunity to retire older systems, possibly. If you can have a project that protects customer data, you have the opportunity to, quote, do some consolidation. Whats the difference between Oracles data hub and its data warehouse technology? A data warehouse is passive and historical. A data hub is active and current. In the data hub, you actually update data. Youre creating data. We want people to update data records, change relationships, update info. Its something you dont do in a data warehouse. Its a downstream system. Another important, important fact is that a data warehouse is unidirectional. All source systems send information to this specific place. You might clean up data as you try to normalize it and get rollups as it goes into the warehouse, but what have you done to correct data in its source? Nothing. Data warehouse users, they make their best efforts to clean up data, but the data hub is trying to correct data at its source. When your call center agent is sitting in front of a screen and you call in and say youre Lisa Vaas, they dont have 50 records to choose from. Thats the net impact of not having a bidirectional process. Thats the distinction: unidirectional as opposed to data hubs being continuously synchronized. How does it compare with what NCR Teradata is offering in terms of real-time updating? What I hear about most is they are trying to quote operationalize the data warehouse, trying to provide access to the common user as opposed to an analytical group. Thats the crime in all [business intelligence]: Youre trying to get it into a community where everybody can use it, but theres no money left over after building for the data analysis group. Thats the coexistence. These dont preclude one another. I emphasize how the data hubs and data warehouses need to coexist. Its the data hubs trying to clean up data prior to getting the data into data warehouses. With this mechanism, you get faster analytics. You dont have to go through the cleaning step as youre getting data into the warehouse. Next Page: Oracles data hub is said to lack analytics: Discuss.


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