Oracles Data Hub Lacks

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Analytics"> Its been said that Oracles data hub does not offer analytics. Whats up with that? What were trying to do, our No. 1 purpose, is to create a data quality program and process. Before you can do any analytics, anything meaningful, you have to have a single view of the customer. With 50 views of the customer, you cant add them up and know whats going on with that customer. The natural assumption is that the reason youre doing this is to attain better analytics. But my research and efforts have shown these are two distinct initiatives, sometimes owned by two different departmental entities: those who care about integrity, privacy, security and taxonomy, and those who care about data quality.
Those groups need systems to support their efforts. Then when that data is in a good spot, youre in a position to find true customer value, and you can layer on top of analytics systems.
Its the chicken & egg scenario: What justifies what? It might be hard to justify data quality if you dont already believe in it. A way to justify it is by showing you can deliver better data relevance. What about the scalability of CDH? Were talking about whether this solution can help enterprises that have millions of customers. Dell has 200 million customers. They are our high-water mark. They require 2 million updates per day. We went through a benchmark to facilitate their environment, and we shared that with [Zornes]. Then weve got Cisco, which has 4 million customers. Weve got telco companies, also in the millions. Also small-end customers. To read the latest in Oracles move to buy Retek, click here. There are two solutions were solving: Some have smaller counts of customers but more data sources. Some have over 200 data sources. Its not surprising … for any company of any size, you ask how many customer lists they have. What ends up happening is a lot of stuff in systems, … somebody got involved in a special program for six months. They began accumulating data, but then the system falls out of favor or is no longer relevant to the business. Check out eWEEK.coms for the latest database news, reviews and analysis.


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