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eWEEK: What are your strengths that youre adding? Phillips: Well, everybody has different backgrounds and I guess thats for Larry to decide but mine has been broad across the industry, Ive known a lot of customers already. [I have] a technology background. But it doesnt matter what I bring, it matters what I deliver. No one cares what your resume looks like. eWEEK: I suppose that knowing a lot of customers gives you an understanding of what they need but an entrée into opening the sales door?
Phillips: My focus is on customer-facing activities and to make sure that we have more senior executives spending time with customers. So well do a lot of that; so Safra, Jeff Henley, our chairman, well all be doing some of that.
eWEEK: How long will co president management structure last? Phillips: Well, we certainly didnt put a timeframe on it. Thats the structure were going forward from here. eWEEK: Oracle uses staff around the world. That is a trend a lot of people are talking about or worrying about, because it reduces cost. Where do you think we are in that trend of globalizing IT development? Phillips: Looking at the per capita income differences around the world, theres a long ways to go. Usually that is the driving factor once you see a certain region cross a certain threshold from per capita income and standards of living reaches to a certain point thats when IT tends to follow in, so its goodness globally the more regions that cross the threshold, the more IT will be consumed, better standard of living for everyone, so it creates markets for everyone. Global markets are generally good so we are investing in those areas and finding customers in those areas. eWEEK: Do you consider Oracle being ahead of the curve as far as doing that kind of global development, right along step with the mainstream? Phillips: I think [Oracle] probably started [doing development around the globe] a lot earlier than most companies. Well find talent wherever it is. eWEEK: At Oracle AppsWorld in January you talked about the Customer Hub and application integration in general. That seems to be something that other application vendors have recognized as important. As far as Oracles efforts on integration, how much of that is a recognition you need to reach out to others? How much do you think that would be helpful with a PeopleSoft acquisition? Phillips: Well theres different reasons for it. You can also look at integration as a way for people to evolve into the Oracle E-Business Suite. Customers that want to 100 percent lead with architecture and design goals, but they couldnt get there quickly for multiple reasons. So to give [customers] a way to start with a few modules and slowly add new modules over time, have them start with an easier on ramp -- thats a big part of this. Integration helps new customers [and it helps] existing customers migrate into this suite over time. Then when it comes to our Customer Hub. this is yet another alternative for those companies that dont buy the suite at all, or have a lot of legacy applications that cant really migrate away from. They still want some of the benefits of a single data model, one thats been tested in the market. Thats yet another set of customers we can now reach that we couldnt talk to before. eWEEK: People are talking a lot about applications, and reusable development code. Will the Oracle Application Server ever be something that works beyond Oracle applications? Phillips: We have the ability to build composite applications today with our Application Server. Our fastest growing product is the application server – its really taken off in the last 12 months in a number of different regions. We think it should be viewed as a standard application server that can be used with other applications, non-Oracle applications that can be used with non-Oracle databases as well. eWEEK: Are you putting significant development effort or marketing effort into making sure it is on par with [IBMs] WebSphere or [BEA Systems Inc.s] WebLogic? Phillips: We think it already is. We put enormous resources into it. We own the benchmarks for application servers today. We are reliably first or second when it comes to getting certified on the latest J2EE [specification], any time theres a change. We have an installed base of customers that I think probably rivals anyone right now. Were less in dollars but more in units because were a cheaper price; but its the units are going up fairly quickly. I think were on our way to basically catching anyone out there on both units and dollars. Next Page: Lowering prices?


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