Windows Switchers Untroubled

By David Morgenstern  |  Posted 2007-04-13 Print this article Print

Yet based on many hours sitting through recent Mac user group meetings here in San Francisco, I suggest that most Mac users arent clamoring for Leopards release. They look forward to it and some of its capabilities, but Tiger is working fine for them. Much of the focus at the recent Macworld was on the iPhone, which Apple says is still on track for June. The stall for Leopard will let Apples PR and marketing departments focus totally on that rollout. So perhaps theres the hint of silver lining for the delay.
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At the same time, switchers from Windows wont be troubled at all by Leopards slight delay. A few extra months is a much different story than Windows Vista, which was delayed for years. Heres one switcher who responded to my column about the Apple "halo effect" and the enterprise. Hes a vice president of engineering at a Silicon Valley company and said hes been a "dedicated" Windows user for more than a dozen years. "Until a year ago, if you mentioned Macintosh, I would have told you to get a real computer to do real work. Now times have changed. The switch to the Intel platform has opened Apple up to the marketplace and to skeptics like myself." This guy said he switched in November to a MacBook Pro and uses SWsofts Parallels virtualization software to run Windows XP. Click here to read about the latest version of Parallels. "Now I find that I have none of the issues that use to plague my system and daily operations. ... Speed-wise, I could not be happier. Software-wise, I am pleasantly surprised at how many of the tasks can be completed with OS X-native applications and/or X11 based Linux apps. I do believe if OS X 10.5 Leopard is as good as its beta demonstrated for me, Vista has lost the OS war," he concluded. He sounds expectant for Leopard, not unhappy that its not here already. (Please note that there is no such thing as the "OS war." If there were such a thing then Microsoft "won" it years ago and even Steve Jobs said so. Still, as this engineering VP suggests, there should be a place in the market and in the enterprise for quality hardware and software that runs something else besides Windows.) What all users want from an update to any OS or app is a solid release. Of course, they understand that there are problems that crop up with any launch, but they want it to work right. If another four or five months of work will make Leopard better, then thats what should be done. What do you think? Are you bugged with Apples delay of Leopard? Let us know here. Check out eWEEK.coms for the latest news in desktop and notebook computing.

David Morgenstern is Executive Editor/Special Projects of eWEEK. Previously, he served as the news editor of Ziff Davis Internet and editor for Ziff Davis' Storage Supersite.

In 'the days,' he was an award-winning editor with the heralded MacWEEK newsweekly as well as eMediaweekly, a trade publication for managers of professional digital content creation.

David has also worked on the vendor side of the industry, including companies offering professional displays and color-calibration technology, and Internet video.

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