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eWEEK: Is Unix a fading operating system? McNealy: Unix is dead? Oh, spare me.
eWEEK: Where does Unix end and Linux start in the enterprise? When should a customer choose one over the other?
McNealy: The corporate answer is, "We dont care." eWEEK: Dell is offering clustered Linux on Intel boxes. How do you match their capabilities and channel? McNealy: Dell doesnt touch their Linux servers. They dont manufacture them. Intel supplies them to Dell through an Asian manufacturer. Then Dell has to go out and buy Red Hat [Linux], and then Dell has to go out and buy an app server, then buy a directory and then subcontract service and support. I dont know how they can be cheaper. eWEEK: But the conventional wisdom is Dell is less expensive and Sun as good, but expensive systems. McNealy: The Gartner data that just came out in the under $100,000 server segment showed we grew faster than Dell last year. eWEEK: Could you describe your Mad Hatter desktop project? McNealy: We call it a fit client, which is neither thin nor fat. We start with a whole bunch of software from the open-source world including the Linux kernal, Mozilla browser, Star Office desktop suite and GNOME user interface. We use our software release expertise and build a complete software stack, then we grab an off-the-shelf white box, and you are ready to go with a Microsoft free desktop. eWEEK: When? McNealy: This spring. eWEEK: And a laptop? McNealy: That also. eWEEK: Stock analysts continue to be skeptical, and your stock price has withered. How do you deal with that criticism? McNealy: It was our turn. Im going to be forever known as the "Daddy I shrunk the stock price" guy. Search for more stories on Sun.
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