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You live under the shadow of a very big competitor. How do you think Intel will respond to Opteron?

I have no doubt that Intel will do their best to try to diminish the importance of this announcement in the marketplace. That is the nature of the beast. Whatever Intel does, well live with it. Our priority is to make the customer understand the value of the product.

What is the most difficult hurdle you have in talking to potential customers?

AMD has not been a player in this segment before, and the customers want to understand what it means to have a new player in this segment. We want them to understand you should never allow a single supplier [such as Intel] to hold you hostage.

Microsoft Corp. said it will release a version of Windows Server 2003 optimized for Opteron. How do you characterize your relationship with Microsoft?

We are very happy with our relationship. They love the product; they really like it.

So at the Opteron launch, well see a far wider range of support than we are presently aware of?

There has been a tremendous amount of underground support. It will be like a coming-out party for support of Opteron. I think you will see a real floodgate of support coming from our launch.

Intel is the home of Moores Law, which is always held up as the basic driver of the high-tech industry. Can you really take on the company that is the industrys technology fountainhead?

It is an empirical law. It seems to hold true over time, but it is irrelevant now. The question is, what can you do with all these transistors? The cost per transistor is not what should drive the customer decision, but the question is what should you do with all the computing power? How do you get value?

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