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You said in a conference call over the summer that your customers were threatening to replace their Oracle databases with IBM DB2 databases in retaliation for Oracles takeover bid. Has that happened? Its not trivial to make a wholesale change like that, but some customers are doing it. Id be interested to see what DB2s license revenue numbers are. If DB2 has a 10 percent increase in license revenues [in the third quarter], then theres your answer.
Have you shifted your development efforts away from Oracles database since the takeover bid?
No, not at all. I have no ax to grind with the Oracle database. Its a great database, 40 to 45 percent of our customers are on the Oracle database. I believe that the stronger play for Oracle would have been to work with PeopleSoft so that [J.D. Edwards customers] could use the Oracle stack instead of the IBM Blue stack. J.D. Edwards runs on the IBM database, but we could have just as easily gone out with the J.D. Edwards product built on Oracle. We have at least a dozen PeopleSoft employees working at Oracle every day. They have people working at our offices in Pleasanton. Were co-dependent on each others success. Will you extend Oracle database support then to the J.D. Edwards applications youve acquired? Were spending 1,000 percent of our time on [integrating J.D. Edwards into PeopleSoft] at this point. Theres a problem getting around to it. But were not only interested in Oracle. At some point, I might call [Microsoft Corp. CEO] Steve Ballmer and see if hes interested in doing something. Those kinds of discussions are only good for the industry. Isnt Microsoft emerging as a competitor to PeopleSoft applications? Microsoft is making a foray into enterprise applications, but their applications start much lower than the J.D. Edwards average customer. Though of course, theyve indicated an appetite to move higher up the food chain. It amazes me that people call it the small-to-medium business market. Small and medium businesses are dramatically different markets. Thats like saying the national basketball and hockey league. The small business market is very large, and thats where Microsoft is playing right now. Thats not where we are [with the J.D. Edwards applications]. Now if you said, Do you anticipate Microsofts appetite to grow their applications business beyond the small business market?, absolutely I do. Next page: In support of J.D. Edwards code base.


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