IBMs Information Management Agenda

By Brian Prince  |  Posted 2008-10-28 Print this article Print


Looking ahead, from a technical standpoint, what's on your agenda for IBM?

There are obviously a broad range of things that are, I think, generating excitement in the market. Specific to information management, to sort of come back to the start of our conversation, I think some of the more interesting, exciting things relate to real-time systems where you want to do on-the-fly analysis. The idea where I'm collecting data literally as it moves, so you have this data in motion.

The easiest example is obviously financial markets. You have tons of data in motion. All kinds of primary, secondary markets, markets outside of the United States-there's a lot of market data out there, and it's literally changing every second, every fraction of a second.

Today the technology exists to collect all of that data all at once. Not just collecting pieces of it, but literally 100 percent of it, of all market data, can be fed through a common pipe and analyzed on the fly.

The technology is there today; we have it in our portfolio. We talk to financial services companies about it all the time-that we can collect this sum of all market data in existence, public and private, and we can apply our analytic tools, our data management technology. [We] show them how they can analyze that data on the fly without slowing down its movement and better understand the patterns of relationships of different elements one to the next.

In today's very high-performance, low-latency, high-transparency financial market space, the companies that have the best ability to analyze that data in real time-see patterns and make decisions-are more likely to find profit-making opportunities than those that don't. 


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