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By Renee Boucher Ferguson  |  Posted 2008-02-20 Print this article Print

What is your vision for SOA with respect to BPM and management?

We are on the way since 30 years, right on the beginning of our business software to make flexible, more easy to understand, to expand, to implement. So, in my sense, SOA is just one thing on a list and maybe in one year we can talk about something else that will come and go. But the principals behind this, they are true. They are staying. The things we are talking [about] in connection with SOA-How can we define a service?-there are very rough rules. You have to identify a service in such a way that the connections to a service are higher up. But these are rules we discussed 10 years ago when we talk about business objects (the objects, not the company), and it is the same thing.

So SOA for me is a powerful thing in that the key software companies have decided to go in this direction and so they promote this architecture. And this is the power behind it. So much ... is not [new] with this. Maybe that in a year we are talking about something else-content-driven architectures, or something like that. SOA is just one step on the way to deliver more flexibility to the customer, and more, easier ways to implement software. So we have to look behind the principals of buzzwords-buzzwords come and go-at what is really the sense of such an architecture.

In the moment there are not so many companies which really have already implemented SOA. They have started. It is normal that after such a hype they will be disappointed because they cannot really realize the expectations. But this doesn't mean that SOA is wrong or right. It is a normal curve. It will go down, it will go up. But after the technology is more accepted it will go up again. The ideas, wishes and dreams behind SOA we've had for many, many years. It will attract companies to go this way but there will be also a phase of disappointment.

Do you have an on-demand strategy for BPM? 

Yes, of course we have do. That's the reason, for instance, why we have decided to develop a workflow on our own, and not to buy an old fashioned workflow vendor. I think we have to go in new directions. This is the only chance we have in our company. And I founded also a company in the field of e-Learning ( IMC) some years ago-I am still the main shareholder of this company-and as we go in this new content-driven architecture, the visualization of content and all this, I am sure we will also combine it with our ARIS approach.


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