IDS Scheer's Place in the Software World

By Renee Boucher Ferguson  |  Posted 2008-02-20 Print this article Print


Where do you see IDS Scheer in five years?

Oh my. The main target is that we are still independent. There is a concentration in the market. This is normal. I hope that we will find a way to be independent and we will see this as the direction. We see it on our software side, on the other hand, that we are very strong in our consulting business. There is no other consulting company in the world that has made their method so popular as we have done with ARIS. All the other consulting companies, like Accenture, they also have methods but nobody knows the name. Our name ARIS is at least as popular as the company name. So based on this I think we have a good chance to go in this consulting business where we can sell consulting like a product. From the very beginning we have had the deliverables, the methods we have applied and the forms by which [customers] get the methods. So this is our image and the basis for our success in the consulting business. We have to struggle hard like every company, but I think we have a good chance.

Many of your partners-such as Oracle, SAP, Microsoft and IBM-are pushing heavily into process-based modeling, development and management. Do you see them at some point becoming competitors?

IBM I think is going to be the fiercest competitor for us. Oracle and SAP, they have a stated partnership with us, and in some cases an overlap, but this is normal for any type of partnership. But in general I think this is a stable definition of the common field of interest. We are very close but then we have built up in our organization specific [avenues] for maintaining these partnerships and we are very close in discussions, so I think this is a good situation

Do you plan to do any acquisitions in the near future? 

Yes, I think so. We have the highest amount of liquidity we've ever had. At the moment, the stock prices are down [for technology companies]. This affects us also. But there are always two sides of the same coin and so when the prices for our companies are going down then it's a good situation to buy companies. So it's a good time for us to think about this, so we will do it.

Would it be a technology buy, or a customer acquisition? 

The best thing would be a mix. Just buying technology is not enough. Then we have to do the sales by ourselves. Buying just a sales channel without the technology also doesn't make sense. So we have to look at both-a customer with a technology base, and a sales organization that's been in the market for some while and has some experience in new technology. We will not buy old stuff.

How do you define new technology? 

That which fits to our architecture or maybe an application for a specific industry or specific knowledge or something like that.


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