Landmark Could Be Huge

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Is Landmark a game-changer for you? It could be a huge game-changer. Weve probably been under-marketing this the past year. The reason is, if we came out and said a year ago … weve got this, and then said nothing about it for nine months—not that it isnt good and cool and a huge investment; weve got 40 of our most brilliant guys working on this—but if we went out a year ago and told the world we had this enormous [capability], no ones going to believe us. Whos going to believe these guys in St. Paul outfoxed Microsoft, SAP and all those guys? Do you understand why some guys might be skeptical?
I told the development guys, To help us all, make something happen. Deliver something real. Get customers on stage to say I love it, its great, I want all my products like this in the future. If you can do that, it works for me. Before we take out full-page ad in the Wall Street Journal, I want to see more applications.
Were very encouraged. Were past the point of does this really work, but [asking] how quickly can you scale this up. There are a number of applications in the pipeline that will come out over next quarter. Once that happens, and there is a high level of acceptance, then we will take out that ad in the Wall Street Journal. How many customers do you have using Strategic Sourcing [the first application built using Landmark]? Two. Buncombe County, [N.C.,] and the city of Greensburgh. Guru Jakob Nielsen offers advice on designing applications for usability. Click here to watch the video. How important is it that Intentia buy into Landmark, given that your application stacks will remain separate? Theyve already started. Theyre already figuring out which new application modules to develop in Landmark. Weve had the benefit of time to do some things we wouldnt have if the merger closed earlier. [Intentias applications are written in Java.] Will it be difficult for Intentia to move to a new development model? Landmark creates pure J2EE [Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition] Java code. It isnt a language you compile and run, it creates code, so its completely compatible. How many customers do you have on Lawson 9? Two are live. There are six on technology—it seems like ones going live every day now. There are lots more in the queue. What happened to Lawsons thousand-day plan that promised to change the way software companies behave? Its still going on. Thats our manifesto. There are six or seven things that we have done, and continue to do. Its all about following up on our promise to customers. Check out eWEEK.coms for the latest news, reviews and analysis about productivity and business solutions.


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