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John: I read your story: "CIOs: Guilty of CRM!"
I agree with you that CIOs do blame everyone else. But, also, there is the viewpoint that CRM is not just a technology issue, it is company-wide.
In essence, CIOs cannot really control the successful implementation of CRM. In a recent speech on May 1, 2003, Tim Arnoult, technology and operations executive of Bank of America said, "As a CIO, you cannot control the successful implementation of CRM." And, Dave Schrader president of Teradata, a division of NCR, a leading company in implementing technology for CRM for Fortune 100 companies has commented that technology alone is not the answer to CRM. CRM is a system of people, processes, and technology. So, in many respects, CIOs cannot control CRM initiatives. CRM is much more than that. CRM is about knowing who your customers are, knowing the products that each customer wants, anticipating customer needs and preferences, understanding and anticipating their problems; and rewarding them for being loyal. This kind of customer relationship management started since the beginning of time and exists today. The only difference is that the local grocer down the street is now a huge chain. And each chain must find ways to customize each store down to a neighborhood. The manager needs to know your name and your needs. CRM is the act of delivering on a personal level. Companies with 30 million customers are working on getting it right. But, CRM is not a technology issue. It is a business issue. A business issue that is starting to work. But CIOs cant do it alone. A hypothetical example is a company that has a database that is 100 percent accurate. The database and the companys CRM initiative identifies a sales lead for an existing customer (something the customer requested). The lead is followed up by sales. But, the sales person does not know enough about the product offering and cant explain it well. The customer is annoyed that he got solicited, rather than helped. Further the firms program does not incentivize for up selling the existing customer. Bottom line—"CRM that stinks." Is it the technology system, or the company? I think that there is a story here, or at least a follow up about what can be expected of CIO—they are part of CRM, but not the system. Even the greatest software on earth cannot be the sole answer to CRM. Thanks
Rob Wyse


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