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Your Computer"> Opening a Window into Your Computer

Now you can tell where your PCs resources are going, but how do you decide which processes are to be or not to be—that is the question. Before you can take arms against a sea of troubles, you need to know which processes you can safely kill—and that knowledge is one of the big guns TaskPower has already put in your arsenal. The information shown by the utilitys tabbed interface helps you hone in on the miscreants. All of the tab displays give descriptions of the processes, for example. And the full process name shown on the Services and Drivers panels can provide an invaluable clue. Note, however, that killing a driver is rarely a good idea. You should do so only if youre completely sure your system will suffer no ill effects.

The rating icons that appear on the Tasks tabs display let you instantly tell which tasks are on the up and up and which are up to no good. Although you see just five icons, there are actually ten ratings. Right-click anywhere on the information for a task, select Describe from the context menu, and a dialog that shows the actual rating (and other information) will pop up. The summary that follows gives the name, display-icon name (in parentheses), and description of each rating.

  • System (System). This rating indicates the process is part of your computers operating system.
  • Background (System). A task of this nature generally operates behind the scenes without user intervention and is part of your system.
  • Normal (Normal). A typical healthy computer would be running this task.
  • Major vendor (Normal). The process is part of a package from an influential software publisher (such as Microsoft or Adobe).
  • Small vendor (Normal). The task belongs to a program created by a less-influential software maker.
  • Unverified (Unknown). A rating hasnt been finalized for this process.
  • Unknown (Unknown). TaskPower doesnt recognize this process.
  • Suspect (Suspicious). This rating warns that a task may be spyware or malicious.
  • Spyware (Dangerous). The process may be transmitting information about you and your behavior to a third party.
  • Malicious (Dangerous). The process may be harming your computer.

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