Googles on a Great Disclosure Track

By Clint Boulton  |  Posted 2008-10-02 Print this article Print

Read the PUE details here from Rich Miller on Data Center Knowledge. But please also read Tech Hermit, who accuses Google of feeding us skewed data.

I'm hardly a power consumption expert to know whether Google is trying to pull a fast one here. When I first read the marketing phrase "green IT" give years ago, I thought it was a character from "SpongeBob SquarePants." If Google is playing footsy with the metrics, that's a shame and the company needs to stop thinking it can dupe everyone.

Regardless, I believe this unprecedented window into Google operations is great.

Finally, after a decade of gorging on the information provided by our searches, Google has loosened its belt with regard to sharing information that serves as the bedrock of its core businesses.

The latest share session involves the "greening" of Google's data centers, but this isn't the first time the company has gotten chatty about its technology.

In May, Udi Manber, vice president of engineering at Google, initiated a series of blog posts detailing Google's search quality. I and other bloggers have pored over these posts eagerly for more insight into Google's inner machinations. Fascinating stuff.

These illuminations are paired with interesting, albeit tense, times at Google. A decade into its luminous existence, Google is facing more and more scrutiny because of the glut of search data it has acquired.

Pundits are fed up with what they feel is a generally subtle intrusion on users' privacy, and legislators are beginning to listen on Capitol Hill. This is particularly obvious in the scrutiny Google is facing over its proposed search ad deal with Yahoo.

But those matters have no bearing on Google's data center details, which are wholly welcomed by this reader and others interested in knowing what helps Google tick.


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