Service Programs Help Ensure Availability

By Frank Bibens  |  Posted 2010-09-26 Print this article Print

Service programs help ensure availability

With a well-orchestrated, site-level service program, outages-either due to unplanned events such as thunderstorms or planned system upgrades-can be minimized. IT managers are all looking for 100 percent availability these days. But you can't have 100 percent availability without a comprehensive service program. Just like your automobile, data centers are built to be reliable-but you still need to do regular maintenance or that reliability will decrease over time.

Also, business continuity depends on the data center managers' awareness of potential disasters and their ability to develop a plan with a partner to minimize disruptions of critical functions. A well-prepared organization should see minimal disruption of operations and enjoy peace of mind in the event of a disaster.

Businesses today depend so much on their IT infrastructure to operate; it's not worth the gamble not to invest in a trusted, experienced service program provider. Service providers help execute a strong business continuity plan that ensures not only short-term availability but considers the entire life cycle of the facility. A program created today may not suit that same facility in future years. Without a comprehensive program in times of constant change, organizations are exposing themselves to potential revenue loss, reduced productivity and customer dissatisfaction.

Additionally, unexpected costs will be incurred for repairs and replacements. Although costs can be an issue for organizations with limited IT budgets, without the right services, there can also be unknown costs in the future that can be catastrophic.

Frank Bibens is President of Emerson Network Power's Liebert Services business. Prior to joining Emerson Network Power in November 2006, Frank spent 28 years in a variety of service-related management positions with the General Electric Company (GE), including general manager of the global operations and maintenance business for GE Energy. FrankÔÇÖs areas of expertise include precision cooling, computer room air conditioning, high density cooling, energy efficiency, uninterruptible power supplies, power generation and distribution, power protection, data centers, data center monitoring, and data center professional services. Frank is a member of the Association for Services Management International. He received his Bachelor's degree in Marine Engineering from Texas A&M University. He can be reached at

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