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: Richard A. Mertl"> My Solution: Richard A. Mertl

Mertl & Associates

Mertl & Associates is a solutions provider in Montreal.

Ive broken down my recommendation into several components. Each component includes a rational for why I am recommending a particular hardware or software solution.

I believe this solution requires three Pentium III servers, each with dual 1-GHz processors, 1 GB of memory and a 120-GB hard drive with RAID 5.

Each server would run Windows 2000 Advanced Server. Two of the servers would run Citrix XP MetaFrame Server. The third server would run Microsofts SQL Server 2000, which will be the companys database-management system going forward—replacing the current Oracle and FoxPro systems.

Windows 2000, Citrix and SQL Server each would require 95 client access licenses, presuming user traffic is continuous and simultaneous.

However, I believe that presumption is incorrect. The real-estate firm can likely save some money on software licenses because theres no need to install the complete user base from day one. I suspect that all of the end users dont access the system at the same time.

Overall, I think the cost for this hardware and software solution would be around $65,000.

If the company grows, network and server throughput should not be an issue. This solution is easily scalable with the addition of Citrix servers. In the meantime, the current file server/data server should be able to handle any anticipated business growth.

Migrating the real-estate firms FoxPro and Oracle databases to SQL Server isnt a difficult process, but it is challenging to fully describe migration costs without a more detailed RFP and an actual look at the customers databases.

Migration from Fox dbf files is possible with FoxPro and Microsoft products. The Oracle migration will have to be more closely evaluated. The approximate cost depends on the quantity of the data and the quality(cleanliness) of the data.

The RFP did not describe the size of each database, so I cant estimate how much work will be required. However, standard developer tools will certainly facilitate the migration.

The RFP also called for VPN access. We will provide that using either Citrix desktops or NFuse application user interfaces. Internet access for all users will be required in the form of dial-up accounts (56-Kbps modems) or high-speed access (such as DSL).

Please note that VPN tunneling is not required because Citrix encryption is usually adequate for lower-level security requirements.

I expect that this solution will take three to six months to develop, with sign-off in month eight.


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