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-solving"> I understand that. But if Im sitting there with a traditional data center and Ive got some power and cooling problems, and all of a sudden I learn that Sun has this new cooling design for this Project Blackbox, I may wonder about the chances of seeing that design being available to my data center. We are doing similar things in the data center. It is an important problem to solve. People kick around numbers like 70 percent of IT shops are out of data center space or power or cooling capacity. Certainly in talking with customers you feel it. I feel it when I talk to so many customers who say, "Im out of space. Help me."
Heres a real quick way for them to incrementally solve that problem. So it may be that we should be focusing on how do we get the right requirements and engineering into it so that were capturing more and more of the customer requirements and just dont look back at the data center from the point of view of this design point.
So as we said, theres the really efficient high-scale scale-out stuff, there are people who have extreme mobility requirements, like government and those applications, and then this third area that I think were both talking about, which is core IT stuff where the data center just isnt working … right now. What role can this play? What role will virtualization play in this project? Virtualization, in the way that we think about it in a context like Blackbox is, its really an essential lubricant. Its that lubricating plate between the physical hardware assets, whether theyre racked or bladed or whatever they are, from the logical demands that are on them in terms of operating system and the software stacks on top of them. Its a lubricating plate because you can move things around. You can take an image, put it on its own system, maybe put another one next to it that isnt being efficiently utilized, maybe move it somewhere else if you need more horsepower, maybe put a thousand of them together in a grid, you can get something else accomplished. So its really that abstraction layer or lubricating plate between operating systems and hardware and that we get out of the idea that when you deploy an application, its forever bound to the kit on which you deploy it. Thats really an essential piece in thinking about how you get maximum utility out of a Blackbox design, because you really dont want to care at the detailed level [that] my stack is running on exactly that [server] that is sitting on rack 3, position 2. Thats not the idea. Its a sea of computing stuff. Check out eWEEK.coms for the latest news, views and analysis on servers, switches and networking protocols for the enterprise and small businesses.


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